Beers with a style of Russian Imperial Stout

The Good, The Bad & The Unidragon

I don’t remember that much about this beer.

Narwhal Imperial Stout

I had this beer because I really enjoyed this one. The linked beer was barrel aged, and it was also pretty rare. You can find these all over the place. I think that I have 5 or 6 in my pantry now. They are good, but they are not even close to the ones that have been aged.

Barrel-Aged Legion

This is a special version of the Legion by Community Beer Company. In my mind, it tastes better this way, and I prefer it after it has been aged in the whiskey barrels.

Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #15

This beer was pretty good. I don’t remember all that much about the taste. I did enjoy it at the time.

Bishop’s Barrel 7

I had this beer at World Of Beer in Dallas, and it was amazing. It is another beer from the Rice brewery! This brewery knocks it out off the park.

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