Franklin’s Barbeque

In April, I made a trip to Austin to see Daniel Tosh, and I made it a point to go to Franklin’s Barbecue. For whatever reason, I decided to bring my drone. In my head, I thought that I would take some photos of the skyline in Austin, but the weather was not the best when I was down there. I ended up getting it out for a quick flight while waiting in line at Franklin’s, and I took the photo below. I was going to take more, but the clouds were rolling in. I didn’t want to risk the drone getting soaked in a random Texas rain storm. You can see the line is all the way into the back parking lot. I was right behind the stairs on the left side of the building.

Franklin's BBQ Line Before Opening

We got there around 7 AM, and we got our food around 12:30 PM. It was worth every minute of the wait. It was the best brisket I have ever had.

I got some other photos while I was there with my phone. I got a nice picture of the sign and my food.

Since Aaron was walking around, I also got a photo with him. From what I understand, he is there most days, but I am not sure that I will ever get a chance to meet the Barbecue legend again.


Oklahoma City Skyline

Here is a photo that I really liked from a trip to Oklahoma City. The Devon tower dominates the skyline of the city, and I think that I got a nice shot of it.

Downtown Dallas Photo

For my birthday, I was given a DJI Phantom 3 Drone. It has a pretty great camera, and I have always loved skyline photos. I took this one right outside the back of my apartment, and I uploaded it to Google Photos. When I looked today, Google had done something pretty cool to it, and I thought that I would share it here.

The original is below. The red light that you see on the left side is from the LEDs that help you orient the direction of the drone while flying. I have turned these front ones off lately.

Colorado Pictures

Over the Summer, I was able to take a trip to Colorado. We were in the Aspen and Basalt area. Here are some of the pictures that I took of the scenic views. It was a great trip, and it was probably the most beautiful place that I have ever visited. While I love seeing oceans, I would rather be in the mountains.

Creek View

Creek View

Hike View

Hike View



Lake View

Lake View

One of the red rocks at Red Rocks Ampitheater

One of the red rocks at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Recent Coooking

I have cooked dinner a lot more often recently. The meal includes the same boring ingredients, but I have tried to make them taste better. I eat chicken almost ever single day of the week, but I get tired of the same old thing pretty easily.

I was especially proud of the dinner tonight. I call this pan-roasted chicken breast with spinach. It is very simple to make, and the meal takes about 30 minutes. You just have to sear each side of chicken for roughly 4 minutes, and you throw it in the oven at 350° F for 12-15 minutes. The chicken is the key. You can mix whatever side you would like with it.

Pan Roasted Chicken