Beers brewed by Community Beer Company

Barrel-Aged Legion

This is a special version of the Legion by Community Beer Company. In my mind, it tastes better this way, and I prefer it after it has been aged in the whiskey barrels.

Public Enemy #1

As with some other beers that I am adding at this time, I don’t remember much about this one I had it so long ago that my memory of it has faded which doesn’t happen all that often. From what I can tell, it is a sour, and I am sure that I enjoyed it because I love most sour beers.

Razzy Raspberry Wit

This beer was a fire sale at the Flying Saucer in Addison, and I tried it. It wasn’t good or bad. I enjoy raspberries so that made it taste better to me.

Sundial Session IPA

This was a really enjoyable beer to drink. It had a great flavor, and it was light enough in the ABV to not make you regret drinking it.

Funnel Cake Ale (State Fair Of Texas Beer)

This beer was horrible. The powdered sugar that they serve it with didn’t help it out at all. I would never drink it again, and I tried to give it away to people at the fair!

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