Beers with a style of Gose

El Gose

Since this is one of my favorite beer styles, I had to try it. It was pretty good, and it wasn’t as strong as some of the other beers by this brewer.

Queen Of The Mist (Tart Cherries)

This beer was pretty good. I think that this brewer is my favorite here locally.

Cherry Gose

As with all other beers of this style, I loved it.

Wild Sour Series: Here Gose Nothin’

I love this beer! As I have gotten more into sour beers, I think that the Gose style is my favorite. I am not sure why, but I can’t remember having one that I didn’t like. The style appears to be making more and more of a comeback, and I am excited to see what other brewers release.

The Salty Lady

I really enjoyed this beer. I think that this style of beer might be my favorite. It does taste pretty salty, but it is enjoyable with the citrus flavor that is inside of it.

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