Beers with a style of Witbier

White Rabbit

I had this beer at Pints & Quarts a few months ago. It went well with the delicious food that they serve there.

Orange Wit

This brewery has a ton of beer on tap, and they have recently started selling their own creations. This one was pretty good, and it tasted like mimosas. I think that most people enjoy that flavor.

Razzy Raspberry Wit

This beer was a fire sale at the Flying Saucer in Addison, and I tried it. It wasn’t good or bad. I enjoy raspberries so that made it taste better to me.

Wit Da Eff

This beer was alright. I wouldn’t say that it was great by any means, but it was one of the better beers that I had on the day that I had it.

Great White Buffalo

This beer was pretty enjoyable. It was hot this Summer, and it was a good way to cool down some. It is hard to beat an ice-cold beer in the Summer.

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