Beers with a style of Pumpkin Ale

Firewheel Pumpkin

This was another pumpkin beer that I had during Halloween and Thanksgiving. After a while, they all taste similar. I don’t remember that much about this one.

Visionary Brew (2014)

This beer tasted like pumpkin. At Flying Saucer, I read that it was their pumpkin beer. It took me some time to figure out that it was really their Visionary Brew for the year.


I had this beer at Saucer on Thanksgiving, and it was a good pumpkin beer. It was supposedly rare, and I did confirm that on the Avery website!

Blue Moon Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale

The pumpkin in this beer was a little strange at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I enjoyed it for the most part, but I don’t think that I will be running out to find this as quick as I can.