Beers with a style of Munich Helles Lager

Welcome to Helles

I don’t remember much about this beer. It has been a long time between drinking and adding it here. The only thing that stands out is that it had a strong alcohol taste.

South Side Pride

Summer Helles

This beer was a great Summer beer. It is another one by New Belgium. This brewery must be raking in the money with all the great beers that they have.

Rahr’s Blonde

I had this beer at P.F. Chang’s, and it did go well with the food that I was eating. I liked a lot, and it is always good to support a local brewery!

Weihenstephaner Original

This beer was pretty good, but it was a little light for my taste. It could use some more flavor in my book. It supposedly tastes better when you drink it warm! I don’t think that I will be doing that.