Beers with a style of Hefeweizen

Crooked Heffy

I tried this beer because it was local, and it was alright. It wasn’t too memorable either way, and that isn’t a bad thing. You can’t always drink the best beer in the world!

Oatmeal Hef

This beer was pretty good. I would describe it as a nice take on the Blood & Honey, but I think that I might like it a little better on certain aspects. Of course, I could be confusing this beer with another beer that I had on the same day. It was a whole bunch of bad in a row.


This beer was a fire sale at Flying Saucer. It was surprisingly good for what it was. I would drink some more of them, if I could find them.


I don’t remember it. I know that I drank it though.

Summertime Wheat

I enjoyed this beer. This brewery seems to put consistently good beer.

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