Beers with a style of American Brown Ale

Dos Perros

I bought this beer because I thought it was from Yazoo, MS. It is actually from Tennessee, and I like it less because of that. With the ABV being so low, it is really just Tennessee water in a bottle.

Chucktown Follicle Brown

The can on this beer is the coolest thing about it. It tasted really bad. I might have had one that went bad or something.

Knotty Brunette

This is my beer of choice when I go to this restaurant. It is their most flavorful one.

(512) Bruin

This beer was alright. The brewer has a lot of different beers. The Pecan Porter by them is my favorite by them.


I don’t really remember this beer. I had this at Flying Saucer in Addison.

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