Beers with a style of American Amber / Red Lager

Blue Point Toasted Lager

I had this beer in Hilton Head, SC. It was pretty good. It was better than the beer that I had before it. The flavor was enjoyable, and I liked the “toasted” aspect.

Rahr’s Red Amber Lager

This beer was alright. Rahr and Sons is usually pretty good though.


This beer was alright. It was nothing special, but It helped me raise my overall number so I tried it out. The one thing that I have noticed is that there are a ton of beers that are all bottled by the large brewers under craft brands. It is not a bad idea by them, but it makes me like the beer less for some reason.

ZiegenBock Amber

I had this beer at the Embassy Suites happy hour for their guests. It is a decent beer, but it might have been the lime that I was adding to it. It is definitely not up to par with what I have been drinking lately.