Beers brewed in England

Samuel Smith’s Organically Produced Lager Beer

This like every other beer that they make was darn good!

Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout

This beer like every beer by this brewery is amazing. They have to be one of the top breweries in the world. All of the beers are very highly rated on many sites.

Worthington’s Red Shield

This beer was pretty good.

Belhaven Scottish Stout

This beer was really good. I had it on New Year’s Eve. We had some good food, and we were in bed right at midnight. Most people would think that was not very exciting, but it was exactly what Delissa and I needed.

Newcastle Werewolf

I saw this beer at Central Market during their beer fest, and I thought that I had to try it. It was near the Halloween candy so that made it more appealing in some way. It was pretty good. It had a clean taste, and I enjoyed it.


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