Beers brewed by Spoetzl Brewery

Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale

This beer was pretty good. It was not super memorable, but I think that it would do fine as an everyday drinker.

Shiner Ruby Redbird

I picked this beer up because I want to drink all of the Spoetzl Breweries different brews. I saw it, and I immediately purchased it. To be honest, the beer was good, but it was not great. It didn’t really taste like grapefruit or ginger, but it was enjoyable to drink. I do think that it is a good Summer beer.

Shiner Dortmunder

This was a very good beer. It had a lot of good flavor, and it went very well with the barbecue that I was eating at the time.

Shiner Holiday Cheer

This beer was very enjoyable. I like the fruity/nutty taste that it had. It was a good Winter beer that did make me enjoy the Holidays slightly more.

Shiner Kosmos Reserve

Another great brew by Shiner. I guess that I am fine with them calling themselves the beer of Texas. They are definitely one of the best breweries in the state.

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