Beers brewed by Rahr & Sons Brewing Company

287 Northbound

I enjoyed this beer. I don’t remember much about it taste wise, bu I remember think that it was good as I drank it.

Visionary Brew (2015)

This beer was not something that I liked. It was way too intense in the smoke department, and it tasted like I was drinking liquid smoke. I could not finish it.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Warmer

I liked this beer a lot. I bought it from Whole Foods. They have a huge choice of beers there, and they are all reasonably priced compared to some other places.

Rahrzehnt (10th Anniversary)

I bought this beer, and I had it later in a day of many beers. It tasted pretty good, and it was enjoyable.

Visionary Brew (2014)

This beer tasted like pumpkin. At Flying Saucer, I read that it was their pumpkin beer. It took me some time to figure out that it was really their Visionary Brew for the year.

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