Beers brewed by Martin House Brewing Company

Hell On Earth

Sugar & Spice

For this beer’s high alcohol content, it wasn’t overpowering. It was pretty easy to drink, and it was another good beer from Martin House.

Queen Of The Mist (Tart Cherries)

This beer was pretty good. I think that this brewer is my favorite here locally.

The Imperial Texan

This is another beer that has been in my list to add to this section of the site for a long time. The main reason is that I couldn’t find it, but I logged into the Flying Saucer site and got the real name of it. When I did that, it was really easy to add.


This beer is pretty good! The entire brewery is taking off. They have lots of good beers that people really enjoy, and the people who work there seem are really nice. I met a bunch of them at another brewery night that I went to, and they love beer.

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