Beers with 9.10 % ABV

Alpha Hive Double IPA

I don’t remember much about this beer. It has been a long time between drinking and adding it here.

Lakewood Sin Mint Temptress

This beer tastes like an alcoholic thin mint cookie.

Lakewood Molé Temptress (2015)

I had this beer because I like The Temptress, and I have usually liked all the variations of it that they have released. This one is the exception. I don’t like the weird spice that it has to it.

Lakewood Bourbon Barrel Temptress

This makes the original Temptress tastes like an amateur beer. It is amazing.

Raspberry Temptress

This beer had a light raspberry taste. This brewery is really capitalizing on the success of the plain Temptress. They have started releasing it with many variations, and they are all pretty good.

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