Recently, I have been getting this error when I update my WordPress installation using SVN.

svn: warning: 'wp-content/plugins/akismet' is not a working copy

I did a quick search on the internet, but I was unable to find anything that fixed the problem. One person suggested that I just update Akismet through the back-end of WordPress, but I did not like the idea of SVN not working correctly.

After looking through the files in my installation, I noticed that one file was in every folder. It is .svn. You can see it by running ls -a. It should be there. I looked in my Akismet folder, and I no longer saw this file. I thought that I might be able to copy this file to the Akismet folder, and I hoped that it would take care of everything. Of course, it did, or I would not be writing this post. Here are the steps that I need to run to get my SVN working without the error.

cd /root folder of your WordPress installation
cd wp-content
cp -R .svn wp-content/akismet
svn up

These commands got SVN back on track. I will just have to remember to not update Akismet through the back-end of WordPress. I hope that this helps someone out there who was having the same trouble.