Green Room

What are those UFOs? 

Brain Dead

Pretty cool art at Brain Dead…


Plain Water = Boring

I have been drinking way too many of these lately. I have developed quite a liking for mineral water lately.


Chipotle “The Scarecrow”

One of the people that I follow on Twitter posted this a few days ago, and I am very impressed. I really want the app/game now. I know that they push natural food in their company, but this is an awesome visual for it. It makes me want more Chipotle now. It is way better than Freebird’s, in case you were wondering.



– Drew

This is Water

The other day a person that I follow on Twitter posted this video. It is actually a pretty good watch. We have the power to choose how we see and deal with things, and it is a refreshing reminder of that.

– Drew