Corso on Game Day

I heard about this over the weekend, and it has to be one of the best moments of Game Day in the history of the show.  

Contradicting Statements

As a sales forecaster for a large ceramic tile manufacturer, the housing market heavily influences our sales. Looking at CNN today, I found this interesting bit of information. The only question is which one is more true.

Time to lose some weight…

It is that time of life again. The one where you have to lose all the weight that you put on while being lazy. I seem to go through it every couple of years. It is mostly because I neglect working out until I can’t stand to look at my self in the mirror. It is really not that bad, but I think that everyone has their limits when it comes to physical appearance.

I am hoping this time things are different for me. I am hoping to go about it differently than I have in the past. Usually, I stop eating and exercise like crazy, and at the end I am so tired of that I start eating horribly again. I have also decided to create a page here that shows my weight loss. If you it start creeping up, yell at me. I am not doing what I need to do.

The cool thing is that chart is all built by WordPress. It is a plugin called FotherPlot, but I have done a ton of customization on it. I have added custom chart name and custom post type support to it, and I can build a chart off of anything in the WordPress database now.

So back on topic, the page has been added to the Menu above, and here is a link Diet Progress. I am about 30 lbs heavier than when I got out of college. Sitting behind a desk all day will do that to you.


Cool Math Equation

This is a pretty cool equation.

Batman Equation


World Trade Center Plans

After all this time, I have never known what the plans are for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center. I found this link on Twitter, and I thought that I would post it here. It is pretty cool to see how they are going to remember those people that lost their lives almost 10 years ago.

It is our failure to become our perceived ideal, that ultimately defines us and makes us unique. It is not easy, but if you accept your misfortune and handle it right, Your perceived failure can become a catalyst for profound reinvention.

He said this during his commencement speech at Dartmouth. You should watch the video. I wish that he could have been the speaker at my graduation!



In an effort to increase my space on Dropbox, I am creating this blog post to let you know more about it. Dropbox is a free service that allows you to get access to files from any computer that you need. You install software on the computers that you would like, and it syncs the files between those computers for you. This is extremely helpful when you need to take files with you, but you don’t want to hassle with a USB drive. They give you 2GB of space for free, and you can earn another 250MB by getting familiar with the service. I need more, but I don’t want to foot the bill. So I am asking for you to sign up. If you use the link below, I get more space, and you get to use a service that will make your life easier. If you don’t want to install the software on a lot of computers, there is web interface that you can login to. It has all your files, and you can work on them that way.

Here is the link:

The key thing to take away from this that Dropbox is awesome! If you don’t have it, you are missing out an a great tool. Finally, the link gets me more free space when you sign up, and that makes me really happy. So–Sign Up!

Epic Meal Time

I am sure that most people have seen some of these, but I just wanted to post the link out there for those who haven’t. They make some of the craziest food concoctions that I have ever seen. The older ones were the funniest, but they are all worth watching.

Resurrection Story of Jesus Christ using Twitter

At Church yesterday morning, I saw this video, and I really liked it. I just wanted to post it up for some other people to see. I am sure that a lot of you have seen it, but I am sure that you wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

Minecraft Server

A few months ago, I started playing a game called minecraft. I didn’t get into it much because you couldn’t play on the same world on all of your computers. You had to keep separate worlds for each one that you played one, and it didn’t seem like the way you should play. I wanted to be able to work on one world no matter where I was. In an effort to solve this problem, I have installed a MineCraft server on one of my virtual private servers (VPS). I have several, and I have one or two just sitting around so I figured why not give it a shot.

I have installed Craft Bukkit. I am running the latest stable release, and you can check it out at They are building a pretty cool system over there. They allow you to modify the game by installing plugins. These plugins can do a number of things, but it allows for people to make changes without having to change any of the original source code. It is a perfect solution for giving you more flexibility without making it so complicated that a novice would have trouble doing it.

At this time, I have installed three plugins. One lets me restart the server remotely. It also restarts the server when there are issues. Another one allows a player to give himself whatever he needs. The last one is for world editing. I am not that familiar with this one, but I am learning how it works before I allow anyone else to use it. I don’t want them to bring down the server because they are throwing commands at it that it can’t handle. It is just a small VPS!

At this time, I am looking for more people to play. We currently have three players, but we are not that active. I would like more people to join so that we can do some more cool things. I would love to build different theme sections or a castle or something. I don’t really care about fighting all of the monsters in Minecraft. I just want to build things out of 1×1 blocks. It is just a lot of fun for me.

If you want to play, send me a message using the contact form. I will more than likely send you the information on the server so that you can get on there and play around. It is a lot of fun, and it is sort of addicting. Please keep in mind that you are going to need a pretty powerful machine to get this working nicely. This old notebook that I have can barely play it. There are times when it is smooth, but I can’t have more than one program open. If I do, the computer almost dies. I am hoping that the developers will find some way to improve the performance on earlier machines.