Beers with a style of American Strong Ale

Tornado Shark

This beer was decent. I don’t have a lot of words for it.

Double Bastard Ale

I got this as part of a Christmas present, and it was pretty darn good.

Brown Shugga’

I am not able to remember what this beer tasted like. Based on the name, I am guessing that it was somewhat sweet, but I don’t recall. It is another beer from Lagunitas, and I like most things they brew so I will assume that it was pretty good.

Higher Math

This beer was strong. It tasted good, but the amount of alcohol in each sip was almost overwhelming. I am usually not a fan of extremely high ABV beers, and I don’t think that this one is an exception.

Mind On My Money

I had this beer at The Flying Saucer. It was pretty good. The brewery seems to produce pretty good beer somewhat regularly.

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