Beers with a style of Altbier

GPA (German Pale Ale)

I don’t remember much about this beer, but I know that I had it. I like the name of it as well.

(512) ALT

This beer is a good one. I have had it a few times, and it was enjoyable every time that I have had it.

Turtle Power

This beer was pretty good. It was one of the newer beers that Flying Saucer had when I tried it. I didn’t even realize that it was a Blackberry beer. I am not sure that it was that noticeable.

Alaskan Amber

This is one of those random ones that I grabbed from the single section at Central Market, and it was pretty good. I have a taste of their IPA as well, and it was one of the few IPAs that I can actually enjoy. This was a good beer, and I like the taste of Amber beers it was an almost guarantee that I would like it.