Beers brewed in Japan

Sapporo Premium Beer

This beer was pretty gross, and I do not think that I will ever have it again. It was not my style, and I did not like the taste. I need to get back to the darker and thicker lagers.

Kirin Light

This beer was consumed the same night as the other one. I thought that I was having to many calories, and I needed to change it up some. I am on a diet here. The beer had the same flavor as its brother. It just had less calories, and I think that it is a good alternative to the heavier calorie beer.

Kirin Ichiban

I had this beer at Kona Grill Happy Hour. It was part of a Sake Bomber. I had never had that before so I figured that I would try it. The beer completely covered up the taste of the Sake, and the beer had a good taste all on its own. It was a little lighter in flavor compared to what I have been drinking, but I did enjoy it.