Beers brewed by Peticolas Brewing Company

Prime Minister

This is one of my favorite beers by this brewer. I had it a few days ago, and I really enjoyed it.

Ghost Of Alfred Brown

I don’t remember much about this beer. I am just adding it to my beer list to keep my count in line.

Come And Take It

This beer was very drinkable. I seem to enjoy all beers by Peticolas.

Great Scot!

I had this one because Peticolas generally has great beers, but I honestly don’t remember what this one tasted like.

Thrilla in Brazilla

I am guessing that someone had an old keg of this lying around because I had it not too long ago, and the beer was brewed in early 2014. It was alright, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to have it again.

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