Beers brewed by Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company

Timber Beast

Lazy Saison

This beer was pretty good, but I don’t remember much about the taste of it.

Lazy Saison

I enjoyed this beer a lot. The brewery is pretty close to my home town, and I am a little biased towards their beers because of that.

Deep South Pale Ale

I did not enjoy this beer as much as the other one by this same brewer. It tasted like it was an IPA, and I was not ready for that at all. I did not get any fruit tones that are described in other reviews. I may have gotten a bad one, but I am not for sure. I don’t want to try it again to find out!

Southern Pecan

This beer was great. I had it with some good barbecue, and I really enjoyed the two together. I wish that I could have gotten a six pack of this brought back to Texas so that I could drink some more.