As most people know, I have really gotten into Linux servers and web hosting over the past couple of years. It started with having a couple of actual servers in my home, and I then decided to just get some small virtual servers with people. These servers are like containers that house all of my information, and I can make changes and tweaks to them. It is still a form of shared hosting, but I have all of the control over what is being used to serve my sites. To keep track of all of them, I have recently installed a status page. This page can be found at This page shows all of my servers that I currently have, and it give you a general idea of what is on each one.

The status page is a fork from SCRD and Status on github, but it is maintained now by Nick Moeck. You can read more about it here, OpenStatus. It is really a packaged version of those other two projects that has been cleaned up, enhanced, and made easier to manage. I think that it is a great tool for anyone who has a bunch of servers, and they don’t want to pay for a service like pingdom. Just make sure that you have a reliable provider to run your status page on. My status page has been up for close to 60 days now. The last time that it was restarted was me messing something up.