It is that time of life again. The one where you have to lose all the weight that you put on while being lazy. I seem to go through it every couple of years. It is mostly because I neglect working out until I can’t stand to look at my self in the mirror. It is really not that bad, but I think that everyone has their limits when it comes to physical appearance.

I am hoping this time things are different for me. I am hoping to go about it differently than I have in the past. Usually, I stop eating and exercise like crazy, and at the end I am so tired of that I start eating horribly again. I have also decided to create a page here that shows my weight loss. If you it start creeping up, yell at me. I am not doing what I need to do.

The cool thing is that chart is all built by WordPress. It is a plugin called FotherPlot, but I have done a ton of customization on it. I have added custom chart name and custom post type support to it, and I can build a chart off of anything in the WordPress database now.

So back on topic, the page has been added to the Menu above, and here is a link Diet Progress. I am about 30 lbs heavier than when I got out of college. Sitting behind a desk all day will do that to you.