MonthNovember 2011

Load on an OpenVZ Container

The guys over at are testing out some new configurations for their VPSes, and they gave away free 1GBs to stress test them. This is my contribution to the testing. I am running 20 copies of UNIX Bench at one time. It is quite a load maker!


Corso on Game Day

I heard about this over the weekend, and it has to be one of the best moments of Game Day in the history of the show.  

Contradicting Statements

As a sales forecaster for a large ceramic tile manufacturer, the housing market heavily influences our sales. Looking at CNN today, I found this interesting bit of information. The only question is which one is more true.

Time to lose some weight…

It is that time of life again. The one where you have to lose all the weight that you put on while being lazy. I seem to go through it every couple of years. It is mostly because I neglect working out until I can’t stand to look at my self in the mirror. It is really not that bad, but I think that everyone has their limits when it comes to physical appearance.

I am hoping this time things are different for me. I am hoping to go about it differently than I have in the past. Usually, I stop eating and exercise like crazy, and at the end I am so tired of that I start eating horribly again. I have also decided to create a page here that shows my weight loss. If you it start creeping up, yell at me. I am not doing what I need to do.

The cool thing is that chart is all built by WordPress. It is a plugin called FotherPlot, but I have done a ton of customization on it. I have added custom chart name and custom post type support to it, and I can build a chart off of anything in the WordPress database now.

So back on topic, the page has been added to the Menu above, and here is a link Diet Progress. I am about 30 lbs heavier than when I got out of college. Sitting behind a desk all day will do that to you.