In a complete accident today, I deleted the directory for my site, and I lost everything that I had. This prompted me to completely rebuild the server that I am using for this site. It had some things on it that I didn’t like, and this accident was the catalyst to start from the beginning.

Before the accident, I was running NginX as the web server, but I decided to move back to Apache. I like the way that Apache sets up it’s configuration files better, and it makes it easier to install new things. There are not many packages that come built with the NginX rewrite rules that you need, and I don’t like trying to convert them. You can usually Google them, but I am just tired of searching of ways to make it work. With Apache, it more than likely just does. I think that I am going the ease that comes back with Apache.

I have to get back to setting up the other things on the server, but I just thought that I would post about my mistake. It is a good thing that I have some backups of everything. This should be a lesson to everyone, make sure that you have backups of all your sites. Do not count on your provider to keep them for you. It is your fault if something happens and you have nothing to fall back on.