Finally, I have decided to make a post on a game that I play way too much. I think that I have played about 300 games since the game was released. I think that it was released in October, but I am too lazy to go google it. I don’t play as much as I would like to be honest, but I do think that I play a little too much not to be called a geek. I play at lot less than most people though. There are guys out there who have played 5,000 games,. To be honest, they are professional gamers, but I still think that is a ridiculous amount of time to play a game. Most of the games are over 20 minutes to give you an idea of how long people can spend caught up in the StarCraft II trap.

To give an overview of the game is going to be challenging, but it is essentially a game were you fight other players using one of 3 different races of armies. The three races are Protoss, Zerg, and Terran. There is a ton of history that go along with these races, but I think that is beyond of the scope of this post. The Protoss are a group of highly advanced aliens that look like aliens. The Terran are our society in the future, or I think of them that way! The Zerg are a race of infected people. It is a virus that can overtake everything that is around it. It is essentially what the Terran and Zerg are trying to kill. If they don’t stop it, their races will become part of the Zerg. I have played the single player part of the game, and I have beaten it. It was fun, but the real fun is in the multi-player section.

You are matched with other players in your league, and you play until one person leaves the game or you destroy the all of the other player’s buildings. I play with the Protoss race mostly. I have tried the other 3, but I like the way that Protoss works. It just makes more sense to me, and I have gotten much better. I am still at the bottom of the leagues, but I am in the top 10 of my division. Here is a shot of my current ranking.

I have come along way in that league. I started out around #72, but I have clawed my way closer to the top. I am hoping to join the next league soon, but I have to get to #1 in my division.

To attempt to get better, I watch a lot of commentaries on the game. I don’t want to mention how many of those I have watched, but it appears to be working. They give you insight on new things to try, and they have helped me to learn new tricks that I can do.  I am still pretty slow though, and I need to increase my mouse speed so that I can get better. If you want to try it out, I can let you play on my account. You never know; you might like it!