After a late night trip to CVS, I have to write out somethings that just do not make sense about how it works.

1. They give you free money to spend at their store, if you buy certain items. For example, I purchased a bottle of mouthwash that was on sale for $3.99. When I purchased that, I got $3.99 back in extra bucks. It is a pretty good deal, but there is no way that they can make money.

2. All of the CVS coupons can be used on any item. If you get a coupon for $1 of candy bars from the automated machine, you could use that on mouthwash. I did this, and I get the mouthwash for $1.99, and I still got the $3.99 in extra bucks.

3. They have their Claritin 5-pack on sale for $1. This is just a good deal.

4. I got a Reese’s peanut butter cup, a 4 packs of Claritin ($4.97/5-pack), and a bottle of mouthwash ($5.98) for a grand total of $2.95.

This is a great deal, but it makes me wonder one thing. How is CVS still open? They have to know of the flaw in their coupon system, but they are too lazy to fix it? I would not hold on to my stock with them, if I had any.

Here is another funny story about CVS:

A friend works there, and he lets us know that the Blue Bell half-gallons are ringing up for $1. Are they supposed to be on sale? No. They just ring up for $1. They call all of the other stores, and they realize that it is happening everywhere. All you had to do was scan your extra bucks card. Of course, I took advantage of this great offer, but it makes me wonder. Blue Bell half-gallons sell for around $6. That means that CVS lost $5/half-gallon on ice cream. This was not a one day event. It happened for a week. I wonder how much money they lost in just this area.

When you look at the scope of the loss, it probably means nothing to them, but I am not a huge fan of anyone who throws away money. I am happy that they did save me some money, but any company that throws it away is not going to be open for long. However, this is not the case with CVS. There is almost nothing that can be done to close them at this point. They are huge. I am pretty sure that their corporate goal is to have one store for every two blocks in the country. If you think about it, how many stores are close to you? I think that I can travel to about 10 within  a 10-mile radius. I think that is a little too close.

Either way, I would choose them over Walgreen’s. Just because over their screw-ups that give me a great deal.