Recently, I have done a lot of changes to my site, but they are not visible to you. I have moved from a reseller account with Hawk Host to a VPS. I bought a few VPS’s from a company called, and they are great. I have finally got everything setup, and I am finally able to start blogging again. The time that it takes to setup things can be ridiculous at time, but I am glad to say that I am self-hosting all of my sites now. For some reason, I like hosting all of the sites on my own. I am not sure why, but I get a sense of accomplishment from doing it. This include the name servers as well (My sites were down for a few days because of this).

There are other changes as well. One should be pretty obvious to you. The site looks different. I am using a different theme for the first time in months. It is from a designer named Justin Tadlock. He runs the community at I am a member at his site, and I had to have this new blog design when I saw it. It is awesome. I think that it is a huge improvement over the other theme that I was using. I am going tweak it slightly, but I am extremely happy with the new look. In fact, it was the same site that I was trying to design for so long. It shows me that I am not ready to be a designer. I can build sites, but I need someone else to have the vision. I think that is an area that I need to improve on.

To run this new theme, I had to update to the newest version of WordPress. When I say newest, I mean that nightly build of WordPress. I think that this is kind of cool. They run their site of it, and I think that is awesome. I know that is not using their latest release. That is lame. If you can’t stand behind your own product, why produce it? That is why I switched from Drupal. People say that WordPress is just for blogs, but they are wrong. I have used both systems, and I think that WordPress is just as powerful as Drupal. Plus, it is ten times easier to use. The UI is cleaner, and it is faster. When you compare the two, Drupal sucks. Why can’t the build a system that makes it easier to update?

Either way, this post is a complete ramble, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I should be blogging more. I am also thinking about sites that I can run. If you have any ideas about a site that will get some traffic, let me know. I will be more than happy to help you build it (If I think it is a good idea!).


P.S. I am tired of WordPress spam comments. Akismet catches them all, but it is a little ridiculous.