Sushi is something that I never thought that I would like. I had tried it before when I was younger, but it was just not for me. Who really wants to eat raw fish? I was not one of those people.

As I have gotten older, I thought that I would try it again. This is mainly because Central Market gives out samples when we go on the weekends. After a brief hesitation to make sure that I wanted to do this, I tried it again, and I am hooked. There really is nothing better than a spicy sushi roll. My favorite is the Ocean Roll. It is a spicy tuna roll with a piece of seared tuna on the outside. The volcano roll is also a favorite of mine. It is a california roll on the inside with the spicy tuna on the outside. They are both great.

I am pretty much eating Sushi every weekend, and I am craving it right now. I wish there was a way that I could go get some for lunch.