MonthOctober 2009

New Design

As you can tell, I have made some changes to the site. I am not completly done, but I would say that I am almost there. There are a lot of little tweaks that need to be made here and there, but I like it better. There are a lot of little subtle differences that make it much better to me. I also have more control over things. In fact, the possibilities are infinite with this site design. I can easily add and remove things. It was something that I was missing with WordPress. I think that WordPress is great, but it lacks the ability to change that I like. Drupal gives you the ability to change things easily. It did take a day to get everything running behind the scenes, but I think that the changes were well worth it.



Dallas Sports Teams

I am so tired of the owners of the Dallas sports teams. Why are they famous? I understand that they have money, and I agree that they should be a vital part of their businesses. These guys take it to a different level though. Jerry Jones appeared on Jay Leno sometime this week. Why? What has he done besides own a team? I think that most people agree that if he would step back from the team the Cowboys would start to win again. They might even make it out of the first round of the playoff.

The other owner that really bothers me is Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks. From what I understand, the guy is a business genius, but his face is the face of the Mavericks. Why is it not Dirk Novitzki? He is the star player of the team, but his face is not seen as much as Cuban’s. Cuban is known for his antics during the games, and he goes through multiple stages during the 60 minute time frame. One minute he is owner, then fan, and finally he becomes the coach of the team all from his court side seat. It is really sad when the cameras are waiting for Cuban to explode after the refs make a bad call.

I am sure that the owners will never read this, but please step back from your teams. There is a point when you should let your players be the image of your team. Hopefully, Jerry and Mark will realize this, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Basketball season starts soon so I am sure that my irritation level is going to rise!


Trying out iPhone App to blog

Just testing out to see if the site works with the new application that I downloaded. It allows you to blog right from the phone without having to go into the wp-admin section! That is awesome!

It took me awhile to get this to work, but I had to change the location of php function to wp_head in the theme that I was using. By placing it at the top of the header section, everything magicaly worked!


New Site…

I am in the process of building a new site for a co-worker. I just got the domain setup, and I am going to be building the site during the week. We will see how things go on this. It will be located at I am hoping to include an online order system, and I will be taking a theme and reworking it for this site. Of course, I will be using Drupal for this build. I think that it is the best CMS out there.

Server is up…

The new server is up and running. I am working on getting all the sites back-up. This will be the last time that I do this for sure. It has been a lot of work trying to get everything to work properly. I am still testing things out, but everything seems to be working somewhat effectively. The site speed has definitely improved. In face, I took over 5 seconds off of the load times with this new server up.