My little one…

I was thinking this morning as I was walking the dogs with my son how great it is to be a dad. I have had this thought before, but it really hit me hard this morning. I was carrying Andrew around like I do every morning when I take the dogs out, but today was different for some reason. He just seemed to have so much fun watching the dogs run around. He would move and bend himself in whichever way necessary so that he could see the dogs. At one point, I thought that I was going to drop him because he was doing a matrix type layout towards the ground to reach them. It was a lot of fun, and it made the whole day better.

I think the part the was the best though was when we were coming back upstairs. He was watching the dogs and laughing like usual, but he put his head on my shoulder for over a minute as I walked back up. It was just an awesome feeling this morning. I can easily see why people who have children get pregnant again around this time. I think that you start to forget about all the nights that you spent trying to calm the baby down so that you can sleep. It seems that I can barely remember those days myself, and my son has only been getting better these last few months. We will see if there is another child in our future, but I am just happy with my little boy right now. He is showing his personality more everyday, and I am looking forward to watching him grow.

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  1. I hope that he gives you as much pleasure as we had watching you grow.

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