Since my son is 3 years old, we wanted to help with his potty training by using flushable wipes. We hoped that a softer wipe would make going to the restroom a little nicer for him. The one thing that we did not realize is how non-flushable these things actually are. They do not break up when flushed as advertised, and they are nothing like the normal toilet paper that sewer systems are designed to use.

You might be thinking, ” How does he know this?” Well, I found out early last week. The plumbing in our home was starting to back up. I originally thought that this was because of a small Dixie cup that my son had flushed, but the clean-out showed me that was not the case. The flushable wipes were the culprit, and we have vowed to never use them again in our home. You should probably take my advice and not use them as well. You will end up either spending a lot of money or playing around in your drainage pipes. I am no even sure that we are out of the woods yet. I guess only time will tell!

If you ever want/need to use them, you need to seal them in a bag and throw them in the trash can next to the toilet. That is the safest place to put them, and it will keep you from having to use a rented sewer rooter! Let’s just say that of all the jobs that you can do in a home, using a sewer auger is the absolute worst thing that I can think of. If you do have an issue after using them, make sure to keep your receipts. There are certain companies that are reimbursing their customers because of the troubles that these wipes are causing.