So I had thought about playing a prank on my sister-in-law where I would send her thousands of emails in a day, and I finally did it yesterday. It turned out to not be such a good idea.

1. I got no reaction from her at all. I am not even sure that she got them, and it is not fun to prank someone who does not react. This is what happens when email providers bundle like messages together. I am sure that it only took here a matter of seconds to delete them all.

2. The script that I used was a simple cron script that does not know how to stop doing things. I could have planned it a little better, but I think that I have been prevented from sending email to GMail accounts because of spamming. I will wait to see if emails that I send are permitted through again.

3. The script created so many emails that it crashed my server. This graph will explain it all. The server had a load of close to a 100. That is really bad because it only has 1 core. Luckily, I was able to stop all the mail processes and empty the mail queue.

(The picture is no longer available. I am not running the monitoring server anymore!)

In the end, I learned that an email prank is extremely hard to pull-off with all the spam filtering and rate limiting that email providers do these days. I will find some other way to prank her, and I am sure that this one will get a reaction.