MonthApril 2012

ISPConfig 3 Theme

Since I moved over to ISPConfig 3, I decided to create a theme for it. The theme was not that hard to create, and I am not sure that I did that great of a job on it. It looks way better than the default theme that comes with the control panel. You can find it over on my GitHub. I don’t want to waste my bandwidth on it because I don’t have a lot.

The repo can be found here: ISPConfig_Clean

Out of the LowEndBox Segment

For the past year and a half, I have run several sites on really low ram virtual servers. When I say low ram, I mean 128MB with a burst of 256MB. To be honest, this was fun for a little while, but it created a headache for me. I had about 7 or 8 boxes that I had to take care of, and I just don’t want to do it anymore. It is easy enough to login to them, but I hate trying to fix all the little issues that seem to pop up.

To cure this LowEndBox overload, I have gotten rid of all of them, and I have consolidated everything down to a single 1GB box. The monthly cost is essentially the same, and I only have to check on one box. I have also installed ISPConfig 3 on the box so that it is easier for me to manage them. If you need any hosting, just let me know. I can do it pretty easily, and you get a nice interface to do it with. It is easier than the command line that I was wrangling around with earlier.

Penn & Teller

Throughout my life, I have loved magic. I know that it is not real, and that it is all illusions, but I love the mystery behind it. In some way, I wish that I was able to pull off some of the things that they are able to do. David Blaine’s levitation, Criss Angel’s mind reading, and Penn and Teller’s magic bullets are all tricks that stand out in my mind. Who would not want that ability?¬†I think that it would make you pretty cool.

When we were in Vegas, Delissa took me to the Penn and Teller show, and it was awesome. The guys are so intelligent, and they really encourage the audience to think. It is not extremely flashy, but it is a great show. I got to go on stage and help them with a trick, and that was pretty awesome, and they hang around after the show to take pictures and sign autographs. It is really a nice thing for them to do, and I definitely appreciated it. In fact, I like them more now than I did before, if that is possible. I want to try to dig up their old television specials.

Either way, Delissa made my trip by taking me there. It was awesome. To be honest, I even think that she liked it, and that was a big surprise to me. She doesn’t usually like these type of things.

Here are the pictures. They are not the best, but they show you how big Penn is. He made me feel small and that rarely happens!

Mass Emails to Sister-In-Law, Bad Idea…

So I had thought about playing a prank on my sister-in-law where I would send her thousands of emails in a day, and I finally did it yesterday. It turned out to not be such a good idea.

1. I got no reaction from her at all. I am not even sure that she got them, and it is not fun to prank someone who does not react. This is what happens when email providers bundle like messages together. I am sure that it only took here a matter of seconds to delete them all.

2. The script that I used was a simple cron script that does not know how to stop doing things. I could have planned it a little better, but I think that I have been prevented from sending email to GMail accounts because of spamming. I will wait to see if emails that I send are permitted through again.

3. The script created so many emails that it crashed my server. This graph will explain it all. The server had a load of close to a 100. That is really bad because it only has 1 core. Luckily, I was able to stop all the mail processes and empty the mail queue.

(The picture is no longer available. I am not running the monitoring server anymore!)

In the end, I learned that an email prank is extremely hard to pull-off with all the spam filtering and rate limiting that email providers do these days. I will find some other way to prank her, and I am sure that this one will get a reaction.