For over a year, I have been eating boneless wings from Sauced Wings. They are a local place, and they put the major chains to shame. I mean WingStop and Buffalo Wild Wings are pretty good, but they cannot compare to this place. Everything that they make tastes better than their competitors, and they are opening a new store in Allen. It seems that this place has it all, but there have been some things bothering me lately. While they are not huge problems, they are things that need to be fixed before this new store opens.

1. 5 wings per sauce with a limit of 4 sauces

This might not seem like a big deal, but it can be when you think about it. The great thing about Sauced are the sauces themselves. Yes, the wings are bigger, but the sauces are the best part of the entire experience. When you order more than 20 wings, you are limited to just 4 sauces, and it goes against the 5 wings per sauce. This is just frustrating as a customer. To get more sauces, I have to order the 5 wings separately, and I end up paying more money per wing. Not cool!

2. Wet Wings- What?

If you go to the other wing shops, you can order your wings wet. This just means that you get some extra sauce on them, and you have something to dip the wing into as you eat it. At Sauced, this does not exist. If you pay for it, it still does not exist. They have started charging for wet wings. I am not sure that any other wing place does that. Their food costs cannot be raised that much by placing extra sauce on the wings, and the thing that really bothers me is that even paying for it you don’t get it. If you are going to charge me for it, you better deliver it. I hate having to check the wings constantly to make sure that it is done correctly. It has gotten to the point that I just order a side of the sauce instead of asking for them to be wet. The guys in the kitchen just seem to miss the part all together.

3. Celery or Carrots

If you have to ask about this, it is going to make some people angry. Celery and carrots should come with wings without having to ask. There is no reason to ask. They are a staple. They help cool down the heat that is in your mouth. Some people do not want them, but how much money are you saving by asking this question? The bad thing is that some of the order takers do not ask, and you are left without them. I should not have to make sure that I am going to get something that comes standard at all wing places.

After all of this, I still love this place. There is no wing place that is better, but there is no reason to make your customers have to learn a new way of ordering. You are the new kid on the block, and you need to make yourself stand out in a good way. I don’t think that taking every nickel-and-dime from your customers is the way to go about this. You have a great restaurant, and your food is amazing. The only issue is with the choices that you are making to try to pull out just a little more profit. If you are opening another store, you have to be doing pretty well in the current store. How about we loosen up some of these restrictions? Remove the charge for making the wings wet, remove the limit of 4 sauces for orders over 20 wings, and give me celery and carrots. I don’t think that I am asking for much here, and I am sure that other customers are wanting the same things.