Earlier today, I noticed that my wife wrote a blog post about Father’s Day. I had no idea that she was writing anything, but it made me think about my Dad. You can read her post by clicking here. I started thinking about my childhood and all the memories that I had. I immediately wanted to call my Dad and tell how much I appreciated what he did for me. I don’t think that you realize all the things that your parents do for you until you have a child of your own.

My Dad is a not a man of many words, but when he says something you had better listen. He is hard-worker, strong, and extremely intelligent, and he taught me everything that I know about being a Dad. He also taught me everything that I know about home repair, car repair, and general handyman knowledge. I am sure that I could have learned more from him, but I was too interested in other things to really appreciate everything that he had to offer to me. I think that every child goes through this with their parents. Luckily, my father is still here with me, and I can call him to pick his brain at any time. He is pretty good about calling me back to let me know the best way to handle any situation.

My Dad is the kind of dad that I want try to be. He was a friend to me, and he was always there when I needed him. There were times that I wish that he would have loosened up a little, but I understand why he pushed me to do more. I remember the 3-hour lecture for getting a B in Middle School, and I hated it at the time. I understand now that making a big deal out of relatively small thinks makes a person pay more attention to detail. I remember working in the Summer with him, and I told myself that I would never have to do that. Of course, I ended up achieving that goal, but those long Summer days made me realize that I needed to focus on getting myself through college so that more opportunities would be available to me.

Mom, Dad, and Me

My only wish now is that I can get my parents to move to Dallas. I know they have spent their whole live in Mississippi, but I want them to be near my son. There are so many things that my son can learn from them, and I want my Dad to work on a car with Andrew. I want them to build things together, and I want him to tell him stories of how things were when he was younger. If anyone has ideas on how to get your parents to move to your new city, please send them to me. I am thinking that I can create a presentation with all the pros and cons. The biggest thing that they are worried about is traffic, but I am trying to convince that just 30 minutes East of my home is a land just like Ocean Springs!

I love you, Dad! I wouldn’t trade your for any other Father! You helped me become who I am today, and I hope that you are as proud to call me your son as I am to call you my Dad!