Back in September of last year, I went to see Dave Matthews with a buddy of mine from college. I found these pictures on my phone from the night, and I figured that I would throw them up on my site. I am hoping that I can get to another show this year.

As you can see, the iPhone is not the best at taking pictures of low light situations. Here is the set list as well.

Saturday Sep 11 2010 Center

Last Stop *
Shake Me Like a Monkey *
Why I Am *
#41 *
Big Eyed Fish *
Seven *
Cant Stop *
Spaceman *
Corn Bread *
Write A Song *
Lie In Our Graves *
Baby Blue +
You and Me *~
Everyday *
Jimi Thing *

Some Devil +
Ants Marching *

Show Notes:
* Jeff Coffin
+ Dave Solo
~ Ivete Sangalo

indicates a segue into next song

It was a great show. Now, I just need to talk my wife into going.