MonthDecember 2010

The Fall…

I am not sure how else to title this post. I think that it is pretty informative, and I am sure that most people know what I am talking about just by the title.

Here are the pictures of the accident. I still don’t know how it happened, but the hole has been patched, and I just need to refinish the ceiling to match. I need to tape and mud the patch, but I have to sand around the new sheetrock so I have been putting it off. The new insulation has been keeping it really warm here so I am not in a rush.

For all of those that are wondering, I am fine. I caught myself on the joists on the ceiling with my arms. I have some pretty bad bruising, but they are healing well.

Assembling Christmas Presents…

I just finished assembling my first Christmas present for my son this year. It is not actually the first, but it is the first one that I want to blog about. We got my son a train table that has a ton of pieces, and it might have been the worst thing that I have ever put together. It has about 200 pieces. Luckily, most of the pieces are assembled, but the major parts are left for the parents to enjoy assembling.

The train table assembly was pretty straight forward. All I did was follow the instructions, but the manufacturer tricks you. I got the table assembled, and then I had to put together all of the things that go on the table. The bridges, station, train storage area, and mountain all require some assembly. The part that I would like to focus on the most is the train storage area. It is actually called a round house, and it is a pretty cool feature to have. The only problem is the assembly. Of a 1 hour assembly time, the roundhouse took 20 minutes of it. You have to try to line everything up (5 doors and 4 posts), and it has to all go together just so. Let’s just say it sucked.

I finally got it figured out. You have to get the doors in and squeeze it as tight as you possibly can to get the posts in. The post will probably pop out several times, but I am sure that you can figure it out. It is frustrating. This could all be solved by four more screws. They give you one screw to hold the posts, but the skimp on the screws and pre-driling for the other four. I wish that they would not have done that, and I recommend to them that they take the extra step. It would make the assembly process so much easier, and I would be much more likely to purchase more of their products.

So to the manufacturers of the Imaginarium Train Table at Toys R Us, please add four more screws to the post of the round house. You don’t need to add them to the top of the assembly. Just to the bottom. It would be so much nicer, and I would praise you for it. Here is a picture of what the finished product will look like. It has actually really cool!

Imaginarium Train Table

Been a Long Time…

It has been way too long since I have posted on my blog. I think that I am going on a month or more. After buying our home, I have been busy fixing a ton of small things that were wrong with the place. The list that an inspector gives you is full of little trivial things that should have been taken care of by the last owners. It is odd that you have to do some the things that I am having to do. I will say that some of it is fun though. I like doing stuff around the house.

To be honest, I am just like my father. He could never sit still, and he doesn’t sit still to do this day. When he knows that things need to be done, he has to get them done. For the time being, I am that same way. I am hoping that I can knock out the list of things that need to be done pretty quickly. We got the sellers of the home to take care of some of the major issues so the small ones that are all that are left.

The next two projects that I am going to be doing are updating the insulation in the attic and replacing some flooring. The home was built in the mid 70′s so the insulation has settled in the home. It is time to add some more so that we can lower energy cost. I am pretty sure that we will gain the entire cost of the project in energy savings next year. I will probably run some numbers to be sure, but I think that I am going to get it done the first week in January. I hope that it will help keep the heat in the home as well. To be honest, it has not been that cold here. The temperature was in the mid 70′s. It is hard to believe it is that warm in December. I think that we are having some season shifting going on. It is supposed to be in the 70′s tomorrow as well.

The flooring project will probably be in mid-January. I just have to sit with Delissa to pick out the tile that we want in the foyer. There are a ton of choices. Ceramic tile all looks the same to me. I am hoping that Delissa’s feminine touch will help pick out something that we will like for a long time. I would hate to pick out something that we want to tear out in the same year. I am saying that because I know a couple who just put a floor in, but they want to rip it out already. The installed a slate looking tile in the kitchen, and I have been told that it is impossible to keep clean. I am crossed this tile of our lists of possibilities.

On a completely different note, the holidays are coming up, and I am off until the next year. I think that sounds better to say that way. I am really only off for like 8 days, but I do get the weekends off as well so it really adds up. I need the break from work to be honest. I am been less productive lately, and I think that the time off will allow me to get more focused on work. There are so many things that we are trying to get done. I am going to need my head on straight to get them all done so that we can move in our goals. To be honest, we are really behind. We only have one IT person who can help us, and they are so stretched them up there that some of our projects have been but on the back-burner.

To wrap things up, my whole life has been packed with a ton of different things. I am getting pulled in a lot of directions, and we have a two year old on top of that. He does not make things any easier on us. The fits that he has been throwing lately will make you want to run away and hide. We are going to make it through it though. Delissa and I are a great team, and I am so glad that I have her by my side to help me through all of it. Hopefully, we can start to slow down a little bit when January comes around.

(On a side note, I have not proofread this post. There may be a ton of errors, but I just wrote what I was thinking. Don’t bash me too hard for it!)