MonthAugust 2010

Toy Story 3

I went to see this movie on opening day, and I was surprised how long the line was in such a small town. I guess that I forgot that it was summer! All of the young kids were out to watch it. The movie turned out to be everything you could hope for and more. I would recommend it to anyone.

The story is set 10 years after the last movie, and it shows the toys trying desperately trying to get Andy to play with them. It is completely different from the last two movies where they are all having a great time. You now see the toys using elaborate schemes to get Andy to even touch them. It seems to really follow the normal pattern of life. Kids love toys until they get caught up in the other aspects of life. Video games, sports, and school keep make you spend your time in new ways.

The toys are getting prepared to be placed in the attic, but there are many turns and twists before that happens. They end up being donated to a daycare, and they have to plot together to try and escape from the evil toys that run the place. A toy that was abandoned has turned the place into the a dictatorship. All the new toys are forced to serve their time in the toddler room, and the toys are abused. The new toys realize that this place is not the heaven they thought it was.

They are able to escape, but they still have to find their way back to Andy. They travel through a garbage dump, and they have to escape the shredder and burner. It makes for some dramatic times, and it was my favorite part of the movie. They make it back to Andy, and he plays with them one last time.

He brings them to a little girl that he met that has a vivid imagination, and the toys leave him a note to bring them there. With the little girl, they are played with daily, and they are all so happy to be loved again. It was a very sad moment. The little boy had become a grown man, and he was able to pass his toys on to someone who needed them.

From the time I watched this movie, I started feeling bad for toys. When I am playing with my son, I think about how much he is hurting them. I know that makes me a little weird, but I think that toys might actually have feelings. It would be interesting if it were true. Just make sure that you go see this one! It is a great movie!

- Drew

Dinner for Schmucks

When I first saw the preview for this movie, I was excited about going to see it. I am huge fan of Steve Carell when he is not acting on a certain television show. While that show is funny, I think that it is a little more than played out. There are only so many things that go on inside of an office environment, especially if it is a family show. Either way, he is a gifted actor who has a great supporting actor in Paul Rudd. Maybe, it is the other way around, but I felt that Carell was the leader here. He is the more well known actor at least. The has to count for something.

The movie is definitely one that I would recommend to anyone. It is funny. There is no other way to put it to be honest. It makes you laugh, and you don’t stop laughing. I want to see this one again, and I will probably buy it when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

The movie poster shows it all. Paul Rudd plays an analyst who is struggling to get ahead at his job, and he is presented with an opportunity for advancement. One of the Executives is laid off, and he has his eyes on the spot. In a meeting, he decides to make a presentation, and he impresses the owner of the company. He wants to sell bomb shells that have been made into lamps. A very wealthy man collects war relics, and he would be a great client for the financial firm. The owner then gives him a chance to become a part of the Executive team. There is just one catch: He has to bring a complete idiot to dinner. This is where Steve Carell’s character comes into the movie. He might be the biggest idiot in the world.

Rudd runs over Carell with his car, and Carell offers to pay him for the damages. This draws Rudd closer to him because he realizes how stupid he is, and Rudd is unable to get rid of him the entire movie. They go through many obstacles together, and Carell even causes Rudd to lose his girlfriend for a brief period of time. At the dinner, Carell wins the idiot of the year award hands down. He doesn’t know that because they give him an award for being extraordinary, but Rudd can’t live with himself for doing this to the group of people. He tells all of the extraordinary people what is happening, and they rebel against the rich men who are hosting the dinner. In the end, they ended up setting the house on fire, cutting of one man’s finger, and breaking out a few windows. It is probably the best scene in the movie. The mind control scene at the IRS office is a close second. Make sure to watch out for both of them. You will probably be rolling on the floor laughing.

The movie is simply great. I didn’t realize that it was directed by the same person who did Meet the Parents, but I can see the similarities now. It has that same type of humor and awkwardness that I loved in that movie. If you get a chance, go the theater to see this one. It is worth the money that you will have to pay to check it out.


It has been awhile since I actually watched this movie, but I remember the story line pretty well. It wasn’t that elaborate of a story, and the movie takes place primarily at an abandoned warehouse. The funny thing is that I remember seeing previews for this movie along time ago, but the movie never made it to theaters. I am guessing that they delayed the release for some reason, but I am too lazy to google and find out why. I am sure that it was something to do with budgeting issues, or they wanted to make sure the movie could gross as much money as possible.

All in all, I would say the movie was decent. It is not of my top lists of movies, and I don’t think that it would make any one’s list (maybe the actor’s list). The movie has some great action scenes, and I would say that it is definitely a movie for guys. In the end, good prevails, and one person is able to stop 7 or 8 other men. It is pretty interesting to see how it all plays out, but you can see the story unfolding too early in my opinion. You know what is going to happen after the first 15 minutes. That is a little disappointing.

The movie is about a group of armored car security guards who plan to steal two of the cars and leave with the money. They put together an entire crew, but the plan goes a little off course when they have to get a new guard. While they know the new guard, they are not sure he will go along with the plan. The new guard needs money, and they think that will make him more likely to join in on the plan. Man, they were wrong about that. The new guard has a heart, and he decides to fight against the guards. In the end, the new guard prevents the guards from stealing the money, and he is given a reward for his work.

The movie is one that you could watch, if you were bored. I would also try to get it from RedBox so that you save some money. It is not worth the ridiculous prices that you have to pay at brick and mortar rental stores. Check it out if you get a chance, but I have warned you that it is nothing that you haven’t seen before.

Knight and Day

Since we are able to go see movies for a pretty low price in the area that we live, we decided to give this one a try. I don’t think that my wife is that big of a fan of Tom Cruise, but I have enjoyed most of his movies. She reluctantly went with me. I may have had to pull her arm once or twice, but I did get her into the seat. In the end, I even think that she enjoyed it (If you didn’t you can comment in the comments section).

This movie was actually very good. I don’t remember seeing that much advertising for it, but I was glad that we were able to see it. It was actually pretty funny, and it had a good story. I am partial to the movies that have a story that make you think at times. While this one doesn’t make you think a whole lot, it does pull you into the movie by tugging at some heart strings. I would describe it as an action, drama, comedy. In fact as I am writing this, I want to go see it again. I almost never want to see movies twice so that should give you an idea of how great I think that it is.

The movie centers around Cruise (Knight) and Diaz (Day). Cruise is a rogue agent, and he uses Diaz to help smuggle something that the government does not want him to have. It a small battery that never runs out of energy, and it supplies a huge amount of power. One of the agents that he is working with sets him up, and the government believes that Cruise is the bad guy. This is pretty much the story of the movie. The escape and then him proving that he did nothing wrong. They travel around the world, and he uses all of his super agent training to do it successfully.

For an action movie, I would say that it was pretty good. Add all of the other parts, you have got a great movie. I guess that is what you get when you don’t have to do that many movies. Since Cruise can pick and choose any script, he only stars in what I would call hits. This movie may have not gotten that much publicity, but it is a great movie that I think that everyone should watch when it comes to DVD later this year. If you have seen it, comment and let me know what you think.

Why Did I get Married Too?

I watched this movie a few months ago, and I have to say that I was completely disappointed. I don’t think that Tyler Perry’s movies are the best movies in the world, but this one was a real let down. The movie really didn’t have a point to me. If you have seen the movie, I am sure that you felt the same way. I think that it would have been more entertaining to watch birds migratory patterns, and I have never been a fan of watching those types of things. If you get really desperate for something to watch, I guess that you can watch it, but I wouldn’t expect to be entertained.

I have seen almost all of the Tyler Perry movies, but he seems to have lost his edge. I think that this is because he is stretching himself across so many projects. I know that he is writing two television shows, and I am sure that he has some more movies in the works. It appears that he is focusing on the quantity aspect and not the quality. He is going to have people that watch the movie just because he wrote it, but I think that he is loosing some of his people that are on the fence.

To recap the movie, it begins with the same group of people that were in the last movie. They are going on another trip, and this time they choose a tropical location. The movie is full of spats between the couples, and it just gets old after a few of them. In the end, Janet Jackson’s character and her husband decided to get a divorce. She was able to save all of the marriages besides her own. When they get back to Atlanta, the couple continues to fight, and it just never seems like it is going to end. Towards the end of the movie, she comes to his office, and they have a big fight. The husband speeds away in his car, and he gets hit by a bus or something and dies. What a great way to end the relationship?

I would not recommend this movie to anyone, but go see it if you must.