Last week, I decided to rent a movie with the free Red Box code that I had gotten. I had been given two of them because they charged my credit card for a movie that I was unable to pick-up from the machine. It was out of order, and the machine next to it was also out of the movie. With the free code, I thought that I would rent a movie that I would not normally decide to rent. I try to spend my hard earned movie wisely. This is why I rented Pretty Bird. It is an indie film, and I have found some of the movies to be enjoyable. This one was not of those.

The movie is about a man (Billy Cruddup) who decides to start a company and make a rocket belt. He gets the blueprints from the Library of Congress, and he is able to sell one investor on the idea. The investor (David Hornsby) just happens to be his best friend, and he throws all of his money into the project. He probably wasn’t the smartest business man. He lost a lot of money.  The man is a pretty good sales man it seems, and he is able to get the project off the ground pretty easily.

To make a rocket belt, you would of course need a rocket scientist (Paul Giamatti). The rocket scientist just happens to be out of work, and he is willing to take anything at this point. I am not exactly sure how large the market is for these employees, but I would guess that it is not very large (purely speculation). The rocket scientist is able to build a working built, but the project is running out of money fast. In fact, they never actually get another investor.  When the money dries up, the man with the idea steals the rocket belt, and he leaves town. The rocket scientist is furious because he has actually built something for himself for a change.

They do show the rocket belt flying in the movie, and it appears that everything is going to be a success. How many people have been able to make a working rocket belt? I would say that the number can be counted on one or two hands. In the end though, the investor/best friend is forced to close his mattress shop, and he can’t get another loan because his credit has been shot. The rocket scientist spends all of his time trying to find the rocket belt, and the idea man gets off with a scratch.

This movie is interesting, but I was not really that into it. If you want an unusual film, you could try this one. I will say that there is a reason that it went straight to DVD. It does not have a very large audience appeal. Just keep that in mind when you rent it.