I watched this movie a couple of weeks ago, but I never got around to posting about. It is your typical romantic comedy to be honest. There are some funny parts, but I didn’t feel that it really lived up to what it could have been. When you have two of the comedic greats in a movie, I would think that you could get something a little better out of it. Once again, I was proven wrong. I am not telling you to not watch the movie, but I am saying that it is not going to be the best movie you have ever seen.

The movie is centered around an older couple who have a two or three kids. They are settled into their everyday life, and they appear to be your typical family. Every week the parents have a date night, and this is where the movie really takes place. The date nights that they have are pretty boring to be honest. They just go to dinner, and they don’t seem to have that great of a time. I think that it has become more of a routine, and it doesn’t seem like either one of them actually enjoy it. While at a book club, they find out that their friends are getting divorced because they have lost the passion in their relationship. This causes them to re-evaluate their relationship, and they become deteremined to rekindle their love.

On a whim, they decided to go to a trendy new restaurant for dinner, but when they get there all of the tables for the night have been taken. Supposedly, you have to make reservations for this place three or four months in advance. They decide to wait by the bar to see if someone doesn’t show up. While waiting, they hear a lady calling for the Tripplehorns, and no one is answering. They decide to take the reservation. This turned out to be an extremely bad idea. They have a nice dinner, and they take a picture with Will.I.Am from the Black-Eyed Peas. When they are almost done eating, two men come to their table and take them into the alley. Once they are in the alley, they are accused of stealing a thumb drive from a New York mob boss. Of course, this is not the case, but the gentlemen do not believe them. They threaten to kill them if it is not returned, and the action in the movie really begins to heat up.

The rest of the movie is essentially the couple running from the two guys. The visit several places trying to get some more information on the Tripplehorns so that they can get the thumb drive back. It turns out that the drive had some pictures of the New York D.A. doing some bad things at a strip club. There are some good laughs in the movie, and it is great for just sitting back and relaxing with your wife. It is a pretty good comedy movie, but I just wish that they would have done a little more with it. The whole time I thought that there was just something missing.