MonthMay 2010

Date Night

I watched this movie a couple of weeks ago, but I never got around to posting about. It is your typical romantic comedy to be honest. There are some funny parts, but I didn’t feel that it really lived up to what it could have been. When you have two of the comedic greats in a movie, I would think that you could get something a little better out of it. Once again, I was proven wrong. I am not telling you to not watch the movie, but I am saying that it is not going to be the best movie you have ever seen.

The movie is centered around an older couple who have a two or three kids. They are settled into their everyday life, and they appear to be your typical family. Every week the parents have a date night, and this is where the movie really takes place. The date nights that they have are pretty boring to be honest. They just go to dinner, and they don’t seem to have that great of a time. I think that it has become more of a routine, and it doesn’t seem like either one of them actually enjoy it. While at a book club, they find out that their friends are getting divorced because they have lost the passion in their relationship. This causes them to re-evaluate their relationship, and they become deteremined to rekindle their love.

On a whim, they decided to go to a trendy new restaurant for dinner, but when they get there all of the tables for the night have been taken. Supposedly, you have to make reservations for this place three or four months in advance. They decide to wait by the bar to see if someone doesn’t show up. While waiting, they hear a lady calling for the Tripplehorns, and no one is answering. They decide to take the reservation. This turned out to be an extremely bad idea. They have a nice dinner, and they take a picture with Will.I.Am from the Black-Eyed Peas. When they are almost done eating, two men come to their table and take them into the alley. Once they are in the alley, they are accused of stealing a thumb drive from a New York mob boss. Of course, this is not the case, but the gentlemen do not believe them. They threaten to kill them if it is not returned, and the action in the movie really begins to heat up.

The rest of the movie is essentially the couple running from the two guys. The visit several places trying to get some more information on the Tripplehorns so that they can get the thumb drive back. It turns out that the drive had some pictures of the New York D.A. doing some bad things at a strip club. There are some good laughs in the movie, and it is great for just sitting back and relaxing with your wife. It is a pretty good comedy movie, but I just wish that they would have done a little more with it. The whole time I thought that there was just something missing.

Office Politics and Football Mentality Don’t Mix

As most of you that read these post know, I have played football for as long as I can remember. In fact, I started playing in the 8th grade, and I continued to play all the way through college. A few years ago now, I played my last game, and I had to move on from the sport. It was hard for me to do, but I knew that it had to be done. The only problem is that once you have something become the major part of how you define yourself; it is extremely hard to get back to regular life.

Most people see football as this glory land. They don’t realize all of the things that you are put through to make yourself better. Imagine someone doing everything that they can to break you down. That is football as I know it. It toughens you up, and the things that used to bother you just roll off your back. After you are called every name in the book three or four times, there is nothing that can be said to you that will phase you. That is where I ended up in my career. There was nothing that could be said to me that bothered me, and I still carry that with me today.

Moving into the job force, I thought that it was going to be a lot like football. After every play, you are analyzed, and you know where you need to improve. That seems to only happen once a year. It is hard working without really knowing how you are performing. Of course, you have an idea, but there is no way to really know what your boss thinks. They are taught to tip-toe around everything so that they do not say anything that will get them into trouble. This is really where my post begins.

I am a very blunt person, and I think that this comes from playing football for so long. There is absolutely no need to sugar-coat anything in life. It does not get you any results, but I did not realize that other people are not used to this. This is the one thing that I had to learn. In a corporate environment, you have to learn to play the game.

Many months ago, my manager called me into his office, and he told me that I was scaring people in the office. I was shocked to hear this, but he explained it to me pretty clearly. He told me that people were not used to the way that I explained things so forwardly, and I had to really evaluate what it was that I was doing. Looking from the outside in, I could see why people would be a little frightened by me, but I was just trying to coach them up. As we all know, some people don’t respond well to that.

After I was told this by my manager, I immediately bought a book to get some tips on work place communication. It clearly showed me that everyone is from different walks of life, and I know this! It just did not click in my mind. For years, I was around people who were just like me. I have worked on it, and I think that I have the best method to talk to your co-workers. It is very simple.

You have to treat your co-workers like they are customers of your services. You have a certain level of respect for your customers, and you tell them things that might hurt their feelings in the nicest way that you can. It is hard to say it to them so politely, but you have to. Your co-workers are a huge part of your day, and they can make your life miserable. Over my learning period, I have greatly improved, and I think that I am working in the right direction. It is hard to get used to the corporate work environment, but it is something that we all have to learn so that we can be successful.


Repo Men

It seems that this site is turning into nothing but movie reviews, but I have a young child so my life is mostly spent at home. It is not a bad thing in anyway, but there are only so many things that you can do in your house. I think that watching movies is a great way to relax and enjoy your time.

Earlier this year, I was able to watch Repo Men at the theaters, and I was surprised with how the movie ended up playing out. The ending comes from far left field. If you have seen it, you know what i am talking about. If not, I will try to give you a generally summary of the movie. As usual, I hope to be as accurate as possible.

The movie is set in the future, but I don’t remember exactly how far. I would roughly guess about twenty years. In those twenty years, we have become even more advanced. While this is no big surprise to us, there is a new marketplace that has been created because of this. We are used to the black-market for organs, but now you can go buy your own mechanical replacement. All you have to do is sign a contract, and the doctors will be more than happy to set you up with the top of the line models.

The twist in the movie comes because people are unable to pay the ridiculous prices that are charged for these items. Of course, you can’t place a price on human life, but the amount of money that is being spent is amazing. To protect their investments, companies have come up with “Repo Men”. These guys are rebel surgeons who go to the homes of the people who could not pay, and they take their mechanical organs from them. They do offer to have an ambulance come to get them, but most of them choose not to have it sent. They couldn’t pay for it the first time, and I am pretty sure they are not going to be able to pay for it the second time.

The two main repo men are Jude Law and Forrest Whittaker. Jude Law’s character is being pressured to leave his profession by his wife, but his partner (Whittaker) does not want him to. This causes his partner to intentionally break the defibrillator that Jude Law uses for his last repo. Since it was tampered with, Jude Law is hurt very badly, and he is forced to get a mechanical heart. When he wakes up to discover this, he is very angry, and he tries to get rid of it. Of course, he can’t do this because he needs it to live. It would be like committing suicide!

From this point, Jude Law begins spiraling down. He can’t repossess any of the organs he is sent to collect because he has one himself, and when he can no longer make the payments he is forced to run from the repo men. He is able to beat most of them, but his partner is sent after him. This is where the movie takes another twist. Throughout the movie, we are led to believe that he got away from his partner, and he is going to the database of organ serial numbers to get his organs and his lover’s organs removed from it so that the repo men leave him alone. Of course in the alternate reality, he is successful, and he lives a great life. He lies on the beach and enjoys himself.

In reality, Forrest Whittaker won the fight, and he almost killed his friend. He took a heavy metal pulley and hit him hard on the head. Since they were partners, Forrest Whittaker spends a ton of money on this neuro-net system that will allow him to stay alive, and he will believe that he is still living life. In the end, it was pretty sad. You go through the whole movie thinking that he is going to make it, but then you find out the he did not. It was a bummer on my end. It was still a good story, and I think that most people that would enjoy it. As you can guess, there is a lot of violence in this movie. People don’t give up their organs very easily.