About a month ago, I watched the movie Brothers. It had recently come out on DVD, and I had been looking forward to watching it. The trailer was pretty good, and it got my attention. I actually was looking forward to the release of the movie at the theater, but I never got a chance to go see it. It did not stay there too long, and I am not exactly sure why. The movie was actually pretty good.

The movie’s main characters are played by Toby Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman plays the wife of Toby Maguire who is in the military. I am pretty sure that it was the Army, but he might have been a Marine. To be honest, that does not really matter. Jake Gyllenhaal is the brother of Maguire, and he is the black sheep of the family. That should lay the main framework for the movie. Let’s get into it.

The movie begins with Maguire and Portman. They seem to have a great family and marriage. They have two children, and they appear to be very happy. At work, Maguire is notified that he is going to be sent to Afghanistan. They throw a small party for him before he leaves, and the brother shows up after he gets out of jail. The father of Maguire and Gyllenhaal makes a comment to Gyllenhall about how he should be more like his brother, and he storms out.

While in Afghanistan, Maguire is on a mission and his helicopter is shot from the sky. He survives with another member of the crew, and they are captured by a group of rebels. Since the military was unable to find bodies, they notify the family that he was killed in action, and the family begins to cope with their loss. In actuality, Maguire is being held captive with his comrade, and they are both trying to be strong. In the end, Maguire is forced to kill his comrade to try to save his own life. Soon after he kills him, the military shows up and he is rescued. He begins to fall into depression, and he has a hard time dealing with the fact that he killed one of his own friend.

At the same time, Gyllenhaal begins to help out Portman with the children and around the house. She needs someone there because she is having a hard time dealing with her husband being gone. Gyllenhaal and his friends install a new kitchen, and he is trying to be a father figure to the girls. This leads to Portman and Gyllenhaal having feelings for each other. She begins to fall for him because he is there, and she needs someone to feel the void that is in her life. From Gyllenhaal’s angle, it appears that he has always had feelings for her. I guess that he could have been jealous of his brother.

Eventually, Maguire ends up at home again, and everyone is celebrating the fact that he is alive. He is just unable to cope with what he has done. I can’t imagine killing someone, and then having to see their wife and daughter weekly. This was the case here. He was friends with the guy killed outside of the military. He also began to question if his wife and his brother were sleeping together, and it begins to consume him. He destroys the newly renovated kitchen, and his children hate him because of how cold he is towards them. In the end, he pulls a gun on his family, but his father had already called the cops since he knew something was wrong. He runs outside with the gun, and the cops give him a chance to surrender. He chooses not to, and he is shot and killed. This is where the movie ends.

The movie was surprisingly good, and I would recommend it to most. I think that it shows how war can really change you from your core. I hope that I never have to leave my family to fight in a war, but you never know what could happen. I can’t imagine the worry that goes along with that, and I am just amazed that people do it everyday. I wonder how they are able to cope with it. I guess that it is not easy.