The other night I watched Hot Tub Time Machine. It is one of those movies that you watch just because of the title in my opinion. A Hot Tub Time Machine what a crazy idea! I would not think that it took very long to write this one. There is not much commentary, and there does not seem to be a real plot or story line besides the obvious one; get back to the right time. The movie is definitely aimed at my generation. I am pretty sure that writers think that we are not able to comprehend difficult concepts or anything that might require us to stop and think.

To be honest, the movie is a whole lot like The Hangover. It is pretty funny, and there are some good laughs throughout the movie, but it is not a movie that will have you talking about it later. There is really nothing to discuss. I am going to try to sum up the movie for you now. It really should not take that long. Three guys that used to be friends have drifted apart as they have gotten older. One works at a pet store, the other’s girlfriend is leaving him, and one is admitted to the hospital after he almost kills himself. They believe that it is a suicide attempt, and they take him back to this great hotel they would visit when younger. They get to the hotel, and they see that it has really taken a dive in the quality department. They get the same room as before, and they find the hot tub. It has a dead racoon in it, but they are able to get it cleaned up. While they are enjoying their time in the hot tub, they are drinking heavily, and they begin to get real rowdy. One of the guys knocks over a drink on the controls and magically they are back in 1986. They realize that they are going to have to live out the weekend where they made their biggest mistakes in life, but they decide that they have to do them again. The weekend progresses and they are about to travel back to the current year when one of the guys decides to stay behind. He wants to be a good dad, and he doesn’t travel back to the future with the guys. He does use his knowledge of the future to become extremely rich, and instead of their being Google there is Lougle. I wonder if you can guess his name.

All in all it was a decent movie. I would recommend that you wait to watch this one on DVD though. I am not sure that it is worth the $8-$10 that it would cost you at a theater.