MonthApril 2010


About a month ago, I watched the movie Brothers. It had recently come out on DVD, and I had been looking forward to watching it. The trailer was pretty good, and it got my attention. I actually was looking forward to the release of the movie at the theater, but I never got a chance to go see it. It did not stay there too long, and I am not exactly sure why. The movie was actually pretty good.

The movie’s main characters are played by Toby Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman plays the wife of Toby Maguire who is in the military. I am pretty sure that it was the Army, but he might have been a Marine. To be honest, that does not really matter. Jake Gyllenhaal is the brother of Maguire, and he is the black sheep of the family. That should lay the main framework for the movie. Let’s get into it.

The movie begins with Maguire and Portman. They seem to have a great family and marriage. They have two children, and they appear to be very happy. At work, Maguire is notified that he is going to be sent to Afghanistan. They throw a small party for him before he leaves, and the brother shows up after he gets out of jail. The father of Maguire and Gyllenhaal makes a comment to Gyllenhall about how he should be more like his brother, and he storms out.

While in Afghanistan, Maguire is on a mission and his helicopter is shot from the sky. He survives with another member of the crew, and they are captured by a group of rebels. Since the military was unable to find bodies, they notify the family that he was killed in action, and the family begins to cope with their loss. In actuality, Maguire is being held captive with his comrade, and they are both trying to be strong. In the end, Maguire is forced to kill his comrade to try to save his own life. Soon after he kills him, the military shows up and he is rescued. He begins to fall into depression, and he has a hard time dealing with the fact that he killed one of his own friend.

At the same time, Gyllenhaal begins to help out Portman with the children and around the house. She needs someone there because she is having a hard time dealing with her husband being gone. Gyllenhaal and his friends install a new kitchen, and he is trying to be a father figure to the girls. This leads to Portman and Gyllenhaal having feelings for each other. She begins to fall for him because he is there, and she needs someone to feel the void that is in her life. From Gyllenhaal’s angle, it appears that he has always had feelings for her. I guess that he could have been jealous of his brother.

Eventually, Maguire ends up at home again, and everyone is celebrating the fact that he is alive. He is just unable to cope with what he has done. I can’t imagine killing someone, and then having to see their wife and daughter weekly. This was the case here. He was friends with the guy killed outside of the military. He also began to question if his wife and his brother were sleeping together, and it begins to consume him. He destroys the newly renovated kitchen, and his children hate him because of how cold he is towards them. In the end, he pulls a gun on his family, but his father had already called the cops since he knew something was wrong. He runs outside with the gun, and the cops give him a chance to surrender. He chooses not to, and he is shot and killed. This is where the movie ends.

The movie was surprisingly good, and I would recommend it to most. I think that it shows how war can really change you from your core. I hope that I never have to leave my family to fight in a war, but you never know what could happen. I can’t imagine the worry that goes along with that, and I am just amazed that people do it everyday. I wonder how they are able to cope with it. I guess that it is not easy.

Hot Tub Time Machine

The other night I watched Hot Tub Time Machine. It is one of those movies that you watch just because of the title in my opinion. A Hot Tub Time Machine what a crazy idea! I would not think that it took very long to write this one. There is not much commentary, and there does not seem to be a real plot or story line besides the obvious one; get back to the right time. The movie is definitely aimed at my generation. I am pretty sure that writers think that we are not able to comprehend difficult concepts or anything that might require us to stop and think.

To be honest, the movie is a whole lot like The Hangover. It is pretty funny, and there are some good laughs throughout the movie, but it is not a movie that will have you talking about it later. There is really nothing to discuss. I am going to try to sum up the movie for you now. It really should not take that long. Three guys that used to be friends have drifted apart as they have gotten older. One works at a pet store, the other’s girlfriend is leaving him, and one is admitted to the hospital after he almost kills himself. They believe that it is a suicide attempt, and they take him back to this great hotel they would visit when younger. They get to the hotel, and they see that it has really taken a dive in the quality department. They get the same room as before, and they find the hot tub. It has a dead racoon in it, but they are able to get it cleaned up. While they are enjoying their time in the hot tub, they are drinking heavily, and they begin to get real rowdy. One of the guys knocks over a drink on the controls and magically they are back in 1986. They realize that they are going to have to live out the weekend where they made their biggest mistakes in life, but they decide that they have to do them again. The weekend progresses and they are about to travel back to the current year when one of the guys decides to stay behind. He wants to be a good dad, and he doesn’t travel back to the future with the guys. He does use his knowledge of the future to become extremely rich, and instead of their being Google there is Lougle. I wonder if you can guess his name.

All in all it was a decent movie. I would recommend that you wait to watch this one on DVD though. I am not sure that it is worth the $8-$10 that it would cost you at a theater.


Every now and then, I like to watch scary movies. I would not say that I love them, but I think that it is something that you need to watch in order to balance out all the comedies that are in the world. I hate to say it, but the world is not that funny. So most of the comedy movies being released are too far of a stretch for me. How many times can you watch the same plot with different actors and not get tired of it? I hope that explains why I watched this movie.

I had absolutely no expectations going into this movie. I had only seen the previews once or twice before we decided to go check it out. I can say that I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was somewhat suspenseful, and it seemed to have a good plot. Even though, the plot was completely unbelievable. I will try to touch on all the high points so you will have a pretty good idea of what happened in the movie.

The movie is set in a small town where everyone knows everyone by their first name. The also seem to know everyone’s demons as well. The movie is focused on the police force of the small town, so the sheriff and his deputy. It really is a small town. In the beginning of the movie, they are at a baseball game, and a farmer comes onto the field holding a shotgun. The officers go out to try to get him to calm down, but they are forced to shoot him in front of the whole crowd. Then the real fun begins.

After the shooting, another man tries to sets his house on fire, and he kills his wife and son that he traps in the closet. Since nothing like this ever happens in the small town, they begin to try to find out what could be causing the issue. They determine that it has something to do with the water supply, and they go out to the body of water that supplies the town to investigate. While they are there, they find a plane that has crashed, and they begin to notice suspicious vehicles in the area. The U.S. Government is in town, and they are trying to contain the outbreak of a biological weapon. This weapon causes the town to kill itself out. All of the people begin to turn on each other until no one survives.

The government officials begin setting up containment areas so that they can get the healthy people of the area. The scene brought up images of the holocaust camps to me. The infected people were going to be killed, and the healthy people were being hauled out as soon as possible. As we all know, this cannot turn out well. People always throw reason out the window when you take their child or significant other away from them. They will do anything to bring them back, and that is what happens here. Who didn’t see that coming? Some of the men attack the compound, and everyone is set free. This includes the crazies, and they are out killing everyone they can find.

For the most part, the movie is over at that point. There are some dramatic points that occur, but there is one more thing that you should know. Two people who were healthy escape from the city. They are sure that it is over, but the movie cuts to a satellite tracking image. They have been watching these people the entire time, and they have brought the infection to a much bigger town. At least, that is how it seems. I am sure that we will be seeing a sequel to this movie. It couldn’t not have cost that much to make, and it did pretty well at the box office. The ending definitely left the door open for more to come.

In searching for a movie poster to put on the site, I found out that this is a remake of an older movie of the same name. I didn’t know that, but it is frustrating that we are only remaking movies now days. It seems like most of the ones being released are just modernized version of movies that debut 30 years ago. Where did all the creativity go?