Over the Christmas break, I was able to get out to the movies a few times, and this is one of the movies that I saw. I have to say that it was pretty good. I didn’t know what to expect in the beginning, but I had heard about these amazing special effects that were suppoed to be in the movie. To be honest, I didn’t really see anything that I hadn’t seen before. Maybe, I have an untrained eye for viewing special effects in a movie, but it seemed to be like most heavily computer animated movies that have real people in them.

The story is pretty interesting though. A man who was in the armed forces loses his legs and becoms a drifter of sorts. His brother is an amazing scientist who has been selected to go to a alien planet to try to learn about the native inhabitants. The brother is killed, but the ex-marine goes in his place because their DNA is a close match. This gives him the ability to contril the Avatar.

The Avatar happens to be the blue creature that you see in all the previews. He is a genetic hybrid that was created for the scientist to get into the alien group without being detected. I guess they didn’t realize that the aliens would notice them as outsiders. Until the ex-marine arrives, the scientist have had no luck getting clost to them. This all changes when the ex-marine arrives. He is able to gain their confidence and learns about their culture.

The whole reason for the humans to travel to this planet is a rare mineral.  This mineral is worth millions of dollars, and they are mining it. The home of the main tribe of aliens happens to be on the most abundant deposit of this mineral. The plan is to kill all of them just so that we can get some more money. Of course, the ex-marine is against this, and he fights back.

In the end, the aliens win, and they drive the humans away from their planet. At the end of the movie, the aliens are able to convert the ex-marine into one of them forever. I think this is where the second movie will start off. If I had to guess, the humans are going to come back to get the mineral that is so precious to them.