MonthOctober 2009

Boston Market

For those who don’t know, Boston Market is running a great special right now. A 1/4 chicken, mashed potatoes, and cornbread for $1. Go get the coupon at, and go to the closest one!

The Boston Market that we went to today was actually out of chicken for about 30 minutes. This mean that Delissa and I got to eat meatloaf. The meatloaf is pretty good, but it is not as good as the chicken. Either way, it was good to have a change from the chicken. You can only eat so much chicken in two days. The meatloaf was a nice way to change up the new routine.


New Design

As you can tell, I have made some changes to the site. I am not completly done, but I would say that I am almost there. There are a lot of little tweaks that need to be made here and there, but I like it better. There are a lot of little subtle differences that make it much better to me. I also have more control over things. In fact, the possibilities are infinite with this site design. I can easily add and remove things. It was something that I was missing with WordPress. I think that WordPress is great, but it lacks the ability to change that I like. Drupal gives you the ability to change things easily. It did take a day to get everything running behind the scenes, but I think that the changes were well worth it.



Cibus (Northpark Mall)

Delissa surprised me by taking me out for dinner on the Friday before my birthday. We ended up going to Maggiano’s restaurant. It has to be one of my favorite places to eat because the food is awesome. We did the dinner special that allows you to eat dinner that night and get another entree to take home. It was like I got two birthday dinners for the price of one, but this review is not about Maggiano’s. It is about a new place that we tried out in the mall named Cibus.

Delissa and I have passed this place several times on our way to the family restroom, but we never stopped in. Well on Friday, we got this crazy idea to try it out. We walked over, and we were pleasantly surprised by the great dessert that we had. The banana split with gelato is an amazing treat. I never knew that it could be so good. The atmosphere was great. We were able to sit outside and just talk. It was a little cold, but they had several heaters that kept us warm. I would definitely recommend this place for a romantic night with a significant other. We are hoping to go back soon and try out the entrees. Who knows when our next date night will be?

I think the best thing about the place is that you can look out over the courtyard. Delissa and I just talked for what seemed like hours. We then paid our bill and danced on the sidewalk. There was music playing in the background, and you could even see the stars. It really was the perfect way to end the evening. If you are ever hungry and in the Northpark area, I think you should give this restaurant a try. It will be a pleasant surpise for you.


P.S. Delissa thanks for the great surprise! It was an awesome night. It reminded me of all our adventures in college.

Dallas Sports Teams

I am so tired of the owners of the Dallas sports teams. Why are they famous? I understand that they have money, and I agree that they should be a vital part of their businesses. These guys take it to a different level though. Jerry Jones appeared on Jay Leno sometime this week. Why? What has he done besides own a team? I think that most people agree that if he would step back from the team the Cowboys would start to win again. They might even make it out of the first round of the playoff.

The other owner that really bothers me is Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks. From what I understand, the guy is a business genius, but his face is the face of the Mavericks. Why is it not Dirk Novitzki? He is the star player of the team, but his face is not seen as much as Cuban’s. Cuban is known for his antics during the games, and he goes through multiple stages during the 60 minute time frame. One minute he is owner, then fan, and finally he becomes the coach of the team all from his court side seat. It is really sad when the cameras are waiting for Cuban to explode after the refs make a bad call.

I am sure that the owners will never read this, but please step back from your teams. There is a point when you should let your players be the image of your team. Hopefully, Jerry and Mark will realize this, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Basketball season starts soon so I am sure that my irritation level is going to rise!



Delissa and I watched the movie “Management” tonight, and I have to say that it was surpisingly good. Delissa always watches Jennifer Anniston movies so I rented it so that she could see it. Much to my surprise, it was a pretty good movie.

The movie stars Jennifer Anniston and Steve Zahn. They make an interesting pair on screen, and the movie is definitely different. I am not sure that I saw this movie out in theaters at all, but I would recommend that you rent it if you get the chance. It is a twisted love story about a man who lives and works at a hotel his parents own. Anniston is a saleswoman who travels to the area, and the story thickens from that point. I will not go into too many details because I do not want to ruin the movie for you. It is easily one of the best movies for Zahn, and it would rank in the top for Anniston as well. I would give it 3.5 of 5 stars.