For those of you who know us, Delissa and I try to get Old Navy coupons every Thursday. This is the day that Old Navy puts them out on their website by hiding them in random locations. Usually, Delissa and I are able to get them pretty easily. We at least get three or four of the $50 off $100, and we have gotten several of the $75 of $100. They have been helpful with buying clothes for ourselves and A, but things have definitely changed on the site.

They have made the way of getting them so random that their is no skill to it. I guess that this is for all of the people who complain about not being able to find them, but I personally think that it is ridiculous. They have dumbed it down so much that is really a game of who can find the most random think on the website and find where that goes. It used to be at least challenging. Here is an example of the old way and the new way.

Old way:

A dog would be on the right bottom corner of the screen, and you could click on him. By clicking on him, you would make him bark, and this would cause a squirrel to run out on the top center of the screen. You then had to click on the squirrel in the time period allotted to get the coupon.

New way:

A bunch of modelquins are in the middle of the screen, and you can cycle through them. There is a random “A.” to the right of the screen. I am pretty is sure it is a shortened form of answer in this case, but you have to grab that and drag it to a model named Amy. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I have to grab an A. No skill there!

I wish that Old Navy would go back to their old ways on the site. Hopefully. someone from Old Navy will find this post, and they can make a difference in the way this site is working.